Worship Resources

Worship Resources

A Confession of Faith: Captured by Love – Bruce Hamill
A Dramatic Presentation of the Stations of the Cross for Youth
The Stations of the Cross
Hymn: “No More of This” by Mark Heim
Hymn: “No More of This” by Kate Layzer


Who Won? – Matthew 5:21-37 – Tom Truby
Love Tracked Me Down and Set Me Free – Lee Cheek
The Heart of Things to Come! – Tom Truby
If You Have Seen Jesus You Have Seen the Father! – Tom Truby
Church, Church, Why Do You Persecute Me? – Tom Truby
A New American Christianity Is Breaking Out and I Am Excited About It – Tom Truby
What Made Them So Mad? – Tom Truby
The New Thing John Can Point Toward but Not Imagine! – Tom Truby
Could It Be Forgiveness Is The Bread of Heaven! – Tom Truby
Nicodemus’ Longing – Tom Truby


Bible Studies

Bible study of Isaiah 40-53 by Dr. Anthony Bartlett
Cross Purposes