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Will the real Jesus please stand up…

Reviews of The Jesus Driven Life

Who is Jesus Christ for us today? What has happened as Jesus, the rabbi from Galilee, has been displaced as the center of the Christian faith and replaced with false portraits? How can we understand the relation between this nonviolent Jesus and the violent God of most Christian traditions? What might Christianity look like if it truly followed this Jesus?

These ideas and many others are demystified in this book. Utilizing the work of Rene Girard, The Jesus Driven Life takes us beyond the dead ends and false trails of much Christian interpretation of the Bible. Come discover a new and exciting Way of living in the world as true humans who imitate the crucified and risen Lord!

The Jesus Driven Life is everything you wanted to know about Jesus but were afraid to ask! This is a manual for understanding Jesus’ life and times, his hermeneutics, his understanding of God, his mission, his passion and his model of living the ‘shalom’ of his ABBA.

“It’s a postmodern, anthropological, systematic theology in one concise volume!”

Perfect for use in study groups, Bible and theology courses or personal growth. Consists of 32 sections designed for an 8, 16 or32 week course of study.

Our Reviewers Write:

“The Jesus Driven Life is nothing less than a magisterial synthesis of much that can be known about Jesus and the early centuries of Christianity and their continuing relevance for today.” Walter Wink
“The Jesus Driven Life … is an invitation to take a closer look at the Pearl that is so precious it is worth leaving everything in the world to pursue.” Shane Claiborne
“… a simple question in this passionate, pastoral, and peaceable book — what would it mean for our life in the world were we truly to place the Jesus of the Gospels at the center? Hardin’s answer is pretty simple, too — it would mean a revolution of reconciliation and healing.” Ted Grimsrud
“There is extraordinary value (here) for any reader who is hungry for a realistic, intelligent, and peaceful version of the Christian faith.” Jon Pahl
“The Jesus Driven Life … will overturn conventional hermeneutics to date.” Tony Bartlett
“…a great new resource in the Christian Adventure. The Jesus Driven Life is thoroughly ecumenical in its scope, richly biblical in its sourcing and gloriously Christ-centered in its excitement about God.” James Alison
“For all who sense that there’s something profoundly off with the westernized Gospel they’ve been given, …and even more for all who don’t yet sense what’s wrong, The Jesus Driven Life is a ‘must read’!” Gregory Boyd
“Walter Wink is right, Michael Hardin has something revolutionary to offer the church.” A Review of The Jesus Driven Life Book and DVD’s!

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