“Michael Hardin is one of our most important theologians today. He has a special gift of teaching profound anthropology and theology in simple, but far from simplistic, ways. His Facebook posts are a prime example of how social media can be used to foster genuine theological discussions and genuine pastoral relationships. Read What the Facebook? and discover how this great teacher is using social media to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ like never before.” – Adam Ericksen, Education Director at the Raven Foundation
“In What the Facebook? Michael Hardin doesn’t merely preach to the social media choir with comfortable repackaged theological sound bites. Instead, he daringly shakes up the choral arrangement and strikes a more sophisticated theological chord by offering a florilegia of original, serious, and fully orbed ‘posts’ in a venue that invites, but isn’t usually used for, such advanced scholarship. Hardin has drawn an eclectic mix of interfacing ‘friends,’ each presenting him with varying levels of encouragement and challenges, but all of whom find it hard to ignore his provocative yet cogent offerings—not that you’d want to. His innovative use of social media as a testing ground for his theological musings and thought-provoking analysis that this book deftly showcases is sure to inspire other theologians to follow his lead.” – Andrew P. Klager (PhD) – Mennonite Studies & Christian History, University of the Fraser Valley / Trinity Western University
“I had the pleasure of watching this book unfold on Facebook in real time, even contributing to it with a steady stream of ‘likes,’ ‘shares’ and cries of ‘Why aren’t you blogging on Patheos already?’ While most of us use Facebook to connect with friends and to post items that we find winsome or witty (or which we hope will make us appear that way), Michael has completely rewritten the rules of the game, transforming his Facebook account from a social network into a theological salon par excellence that not even Mark Zuckerberg could have anticipated. If the NSA is keeping a file on Michael (and you know they are), they’d better tank up on hard drive space, because I get the feeling this book is only the beginning.” – Kevin Miller, director of Hellbound?

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