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Introductory Articles

We will add articles as we are able, or as users of the site request them, so if you have suggestions for additional pieces, please write to us!

The Four Gospels & The Fourth Gospel: Working Considerations
A brief introduction to Luke
Mimesis, Mimetic Theory
Pillars of Culture: Prohibition, Ritual and Myth
The Scapegoat

Articles & eBooks by Michael

Articles written by Michael Hardin of Preaching Peace

What I Believe (free e-book)
God and Satan (comprising The Satan and What I Believe)
The satan (free e-book)
Reading the Bible from a Peacemaking Perspective
The Babylonian Captivity of the Gospel
The Long and Winding Road: Reimaging Biblical Authority For the 21st Century
Is the Apocalypse Inevitable?: Native American Prophecy and the Mimetic Theory
Michael’s Essay for a Celebration Volume honoring Rene Girard
Michael’s Response to Willard Swartley’s Covenent of Peace at the November Colloquium and Violence Meeting
Does Peace Make A Difference?


Articles by Friends of Preaching Peace

The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats (Matthew 25)
Holy Scripture and the Consecration of Gene Robinson
Worship – The Redemption of Desire
Myth and Film
Escaping the Power of “My” – A NonViolent Approach to Stewardship
Resurrection As Atonement: Rediscovering the Nonviolence of Christian Orthodoxy using Girard’s Principle of Metaphysical
A Relational God of Peace
Resisting the Empire: Fidelity to the Gospel of Life
Jesus and the Gibeonites: Reading the Bible from the Perspective of the Hidden Victim
“Transformation” in L’Arche: A Mimetic Account


Book Reviews

We have been offered the opportunity to review some new books that come out, books that publishers feel might be of interest to our readers. We look forward to sharing our experience of these books with you here. In addition to the reviews, we'll include a link to the page on where you can find the book.

Spirit and Resistance
After Empire: The Art and Ethos of Enduring Peace
Against the Protestant Gnostics
The Bonhoeffer Phenomenon
Daring, Trusting Spirit: Bonhoeffer’s Friend Eberhard Bethge
Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Brief Life
Discovering Girard
Finding God in the Singing River by Mark Wallace



For years, Michael has written music inspired by both the Gospel and mimetic theory. Here we share some of them.

At The Gate
Cain’s Lament